Laos #1

As a few of you maybe saw on Instagram, I was in Laos, visiting the hometown of my Mom.
Paksé is in the South of Laos, close to the border to Thailand.  The city has a population of about 88'000 people and is therefore the third biggest city in Laos.

We had a really long, long trip. We flew from Zurich to Abu Dhabi and from there to Bangkok. There, we had a little stay until we flew with a cheap airline to Ubon, to the border.
We passed through the customs without any problems, but we were still not in Paksé. (but finally in Laos, yaaay!)
So, we got into a little grey van, which drove us from the border to the city Paksé. (the driver said so.) It seemed quite strange to me, because we're not used travelling with inofficial "drivers". Anyway, we got a pretty good price and he drove us right in front of the frontdoor of our far related relatives.

Zurich - Abu Dhabi - Bangkok - Ubon Ratchathani - Paksé

The market is like "the place", because that's where people earn their living. The average Laotian is doing "sales and business".
Buying clothes in Thailand and bringing them back and sell them at the market or in a little store, cooking their homemade food or mixing their drinks and bringing them to the market to sell, growing vegetables and fruits, sewing clothes or the like, you find everything at the market!
That's where the "life"'s going on. It's entertaining for us Westerns, but it's also very fascinating. Negotiation about prices, eating while selling, doing their make up while waiting for customers or just sitting around and enjoying the sun.
There's literally everything to buy ...regarding food I mean.
Fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, herbs, fresh homemade food to eat directly at the stall or for taking home, fresh fish and even fresh meat. (which they butcher directly there)

little anectode: As I was wandering around I got into this one hall. Every hall has it's theme. There's a vegetable hall, fruit hall, eating stalls hall and also a meat hall. And one second to the other I stood there, in the middle of hundreds of tables with meat. Raw meat. Women were standing at the tables, selling meat, but also butchering meat. Flies were flying around. Meat was hanging everywhere. It was quite an experience... (if you really want to know what I mean, look at this picture. but attention, if you can't handle seeing raw meat and else, don't click on the link.)

I like the market's atmosphere.
The market is crowdy, loud, fun and very colourful. like. really colourful.
see yourself.

Paksé Market Paksé Market Paksé Market Paksé Market Paksé Market Paksé Market Paksé Market Paksé Market Paksé Market Laos market Laos market Paksé Market Paksé Market Paksé Market Paksé Market Paksé Market Paksé Market Paksé Market Paksé Market

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