Portfolio: Lucerne School of Art and Design

I started doing photography back in 2011. At that time I'd never thought that I'd ever decide that this is going to be my future. And look here, May 2014, I'm sitting here telling you guys that I'm going to be a design student starting in September.
Well, let me tell you my whole story! Because there is something really important I need to tell you.

First of all, you need to know that getting into art school here in Switzerland is quite hard. You have to submit a lot of your artistic work so far and if they think you're good enough, you still need to attend an intakte interview. So after grammar school you could apply at an art school and try your best! The competition is really big, so you usually attend a remedial course (Prop√§deutikum), where you learn the basics about art and design within a year. You get professional advice and guidance during your preparation for your portfolio, which you submit at several schools. (Of course, you have a portfolio for each school you want to apply at.) So this «remedial course» is quite essential, if you don't have any, let's say, «creative background». In my case, I really had to visit that course to get into art school, because I just graduated from grammar school and I didn't have any experience in «being arty» nor did I learn an arty profession.
Therefore I tried to get into this «remedial course». (Oh, I forgot to mention that this course costs you some thousands franks for two terms. I guess it was about 8'000 CHF per term.) Unfortunately, I didn't get the study place and the acceptance committee meant «You're not ready yet.».
Seriously, I was really disappointed, because this was just the pre-study, and not the entry procedure for the actual art college. And if you can't make it at the first level, how the hell are you going to make it to the top, right? So, what did I do? I got depressed of course. Bullshit! I didn't get myself down and told myself to try it on my own! (And I didn't want to go to a school, which costs my parents like 16'000 CHF and didn't guarantee you the acceptance at the art school.) 

So, I started my internship at a photographic studio to get some practical experience and to fulfill the conditions to apply at the art school. (Either you complete this remedial course after grammar school to get into art school or you have to have a year practical experience.)
And then I started getting my portfolio together on my own. Of course I didn't want to apply at just one school - what to do, if I don't get in? So, I decided to apply at the Zurich University of Arts and at the Lucerne School of Art and Design.
After long nights, little sleep, hard work, ups and downs I handed my portfolios in. And wow, I got invited to an interview - at both schools! And again wow, I got accepted! AT BOTH SCHOOLS! I was confused, but of course overjoyed. Yes, really, I was so happy that both schools think that I'm suited for them.
Eventually I decided to go to Lucerne and I'm going to start my studies this September!!

«You are 19 now and you'll have the Bachelor with 22. You're quite young and still have this background! What are you going to do then?» - «Dunno... but I will never stop!!! No matter how old I am.»

And what I learned from this experience is something quite important. You know, if you want to establish yourself in this branch, you mustn't give up. Never. No matter what people tell you. After I got a refusal from the remedial course I asked myself, if I'm right for all this... or if I should just study something else. Thank god my beloved ones believed in me and told me to hang on. And here I go, I made it to level 2 without level 1. 
Do what you love, do it with a lot of passion and conviction, believe in yourself and stay true to yourself. 
Keep going and hang on and one day you will make it to the top! (I won't stop until I'm at the top! ;-))

And after telling you sooooo much, I'm going to show you my portfolio, which I handed in in Lucerne! 

If you have any questions or if you want to know something about my experience, just drop me a line. Here, on facebook, via Mail - anywhere is fine! 

Lots of love, 
your mylien

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