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A few weeks ago I visited a bakery in St. Gallen. There I was, on a Sunday morning at 7am, ready to shoot! (I really had difficulties to get up, because I usually work on Saturdays. So, Sunday is my day to sleep in.) Actually, my aunt asked me to take some portraits, but I thought if I'm already on it, why not take some more photos, which I could share with you guys. Have fun! And drop by, if you're ever in St. Gallen. I can really recommend you their Focaccia or their warm menues. ;-) (Al Forno St. Gallen)
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Once again, I noticed how much I love doing what I do. There's always a new situation, a new location with new people. First of all, you have to get to know the people, so that one knows how to handle these various kinds of people. And most important of all, if you get to know the person, the more authentic pictures you get! It's always so interesting what kind of people you meet! Definitely one of the positive points of being a photographer.

And to keep in mind, I've never been in a bakery to take photos before! So, what am I going to do with the light situation? Do the best with what you have! I have to admit, it was really hard to handle, but I somehow made it anyway! And if they're satisfied, you can be satisfied too. (But I'm rarely satisfied, because one can always do better! One sure has to develop oneself, right?)
Let's get things straight: I love being a photographer. It's a really exciting job. Sometimes you have the perfect light and you won't worry about a single thing, but there are also situations, when you're quite desperate, because it's a really hard business with lots of competition. Furthermore, to make a living out of it, you have to adapt yourself - what is in or out, what do people like and what brings money in.
Despite this fact, I still enjoy realizing my own photographic ideas and projects no matter what people think. It's really important that one remains true to oneself and focus on one's goal.
I think you can call yourself very happy, if you get it to the point, where people recognize you by your work and when you have your own visual language. I aim for this goal. AND MORE! Keep that in mind, folks! 

ps. I really love doing what I love. :-)
much love for you,

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