visual diary #38

It's already December and Christmas is getting closer and closer. 
As usual, this time of the year everyone's soooo busy and everyone doesn't have time for anything. Haha, I shouldn't make jokes, because I'm also one of them. Unfortunately. However, as you know - or not - I'm a buddhist. Traditionally, we don't celebrate Christmas. (Therefore there's the New Year-event, which is quite a big event. In fact, it's the biggest event of the year.) So, back to the topic, I'm a buddhist, but since I grew up as a Swiss-Vietnamese-mix-or-so I also love Christmas. (Or let's put it even simplier, I love presents, hoho. Who doesn't, right?) Anyway, let me get things straight. (Sorry guys, I'm kinda distracted today.) I'd never had a cool advent calender... you know, those which you see on the internet when you are searching for "advent calendar" on pinterest, tumblr or weheartit. So, I was like "bro bro bro let's make an advent calendar for each other!" and he was just like "Meeeh". Anyway, his cool girlfriend was also like "yes yes yes, let's do this, this is so cool!" And here we are. They really made me an advent calendar!!! And I made one for the two of them. (One for two though). Thank you guys!
Hopefully I can make you jealous with my faaaaabulous advent calendar... haha! See yourself.
advent calendar advent calendar advent calendar

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