made my day #1

Heya folks! Today, I'm starting this new project «MADE MY DAY». It's quite self-explaining, isn't it? No? Okay, let me explain it to you: I'm gonna start posting about my made my day. That's it! Haha.

You should remember that every day is in some way a good day. There's the possibility that you have a really, reaaaally bad day, but there is always something which, or someone who, lightens your day up, isn't it?


So, for today, I have a comment from a visitor of the exhibition.
«Behalte deinen Stil, deine Leichtigkeit wie auch deine tiefgründigen Botschaften, die du mit deinen Bildern vermittelst, bei.» 
(Keep your style, your facileness as such as your profound messages, which you convey with your pictures.)

Thank you!


And for those who are interested: 
The exhibition is about "Getting old and growing" and I have the honour of being one of the exhibitor.
For further information: Perspektive Thurgau

Yannic Maltech

And what made your day? :)

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