project #1

The last few months were quite stressful. In July I graduated from grammar school, certainly I was studying like a freak the months before the finals, which made it not less stressful. After the graduation, I was in Berlin for two weeks (Berlin), where I attended a media seminar and as soon as I came back, I already started my internship at the photographic studio. During the last few weeks I got used to my new and really exciting daily routine. Since I'm an intern at the photographic studio, it's quite natural that I get to photograph a lot. Much more than months before, where I used to be a student. I have been learning how to handle a newborn, and of course, how to take pictures of that cute little newborn, so that it won't look unfavorable. And I've been on weddings! As a photographer, of course. Actually, until now, I've been on weddings only as an assistant. But it's quite interesting, I get to see and learn a lot. I mean like, really, a lot! How come you ask? The photographic studio I work for, specializes in newborn, family and wedding photography. Pretty cool, eh? However, what I really wanted to tell you isn't about my work. Well, yes, it is about my work in a way... As you see, because of certain circumstances, I haven't photographed a lot privately. Yesterday, I finally started with a project of mine, which I already had on my mind for months, but hadn't found any time to realize it. In the next few months I'm going to realize more and more projects and ideas of mine. Just because now, I have finally enough time! (Or I just make time.) So guys, stay tuned! :)

As for yesterday's photographs. I won't show them online. At least, not right now.
Maybe you'll have the chance to see them at an exhibition? Who knows? I won't tell too much.
But some behind the scenes are okay, I guess.
Yannic Maltech Yannic Maltech Yannic Maltech Yannic Maltech Yannic Maltech Yannic Maltech Yannic Maltech