Maturagag KSR 2013

Maturagag - the last official schoolday! This year's motto of the event was «Circus and county fair». The Maturagag is traditionally organized by a group of some seniors. On this day, the graduation classes are on the thick of things. Each and every senior disguised themselves, matching to the motto. However, in 2011 I started being the photographer of the event and have continued this job until now. (Unfortunately) Someone else has to take over next year, because I'm going to graduate in about three weeks. (FINALLY!) 

Some impressions from this year's fabulous and greatly organized Maturagag! Thank you folks, you made this event huuuuuuge. Thank you for your hard work!

Goodbye Kantonsschule Romanshorn.

MN_20130607_DSC_9493 MN_20130607_DSC_9089 MN_20130607_DSC_8880 MN_20130607__DSC0093 MN_20130607_DSC_9098