tip: «Bistro Cartonage» in Amriswil

This is where I have been working as a part-timer the last few months. The «Bistro Cartonage» is a very comfortable place to chat with your friends or just to have lunch with your family. The atmosphere is always very good and lively. Besides the delicious coffees they make, there's also a menu card with several tasty desserts. You can also have lunch there - Jeannette's cooking is fabulous! (She's the manager and the chef of this bistro.) It looks really welcoming, doesn't it? You should definitely pay a visit the next time you're in Amriswil! 

Their Website: http://www.bistro-cartonage.ch/

Bistro Cartonage
Bahnhofstrasse 22
8580 Amriswil

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