Swiss Media Forum 2013

I had the pleasure to attend the Swiss Media Forum at the Culture and Convention Centre in Lucerne (KKL) How come, you ask? I attended the event as the photographer of the Junge Journalisten Schweiz. The vice-president of JJS, Luzia Tschirky, moderated a panel discussion.

What is the SMF?
«The SwissMediaForum is an independent event committed to bringing together opinion leaders from media, business, politics and society. During this annual conference in Lucerne, discussions revolve around significant media and communications issues in an era where a digital revolution is fundamentally changing industries, and interfaces between media, organizations, politics and the public are being redefined. Presentations, speeches and open discussions will help participants gain unique insights. Founded in 2011, the SwissMediaForum is politically and commercially independent. It advocates an entrepreneurial, technology-friendly, ethical and forward-looking perspective.»
 Désirée Pomper (20min), Luzia Tschirky (JJS), Verena Vonarburg (Furrer.Hugi&Partner) MN_20130524_MN_20130524_DSC_8573 MN_20130524_MN_20130524_DSC_8522 MN_20130524_MN_20130524_DSC_8561 MN_20130524_MN_20130524_DSC_8533 MN_20130524_MN_20130524_DSC_8584 MN_20130524_MN_20130524_DSC_8607
 Wolfang Blau (The Guardian), Susanne Wille (SRF)MN_20130524_MN_20130524_DSC_8624